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“Bruno Herbots is applauded as ’offering insight that would not be obvious to clients”

“Many consider him [Bruno Herbots] a young star with the ‘X’ factor in construction and procurement law”


“Practice head Bruno Herbots handles all aspects of construction and public procurement law. Clients appreciate his inventive solutions as well as the international experience gained from a number of jurisdictions”

“A “charismatic legal strategist” who is “very well versed in contract law and always available,” according to impressed sources.”

“Commended for being readily accessible and pleasant to deal with”

“Bruno Herbots is recommended as ‘a hard-working lawyer who is always pushing for the best result’. Recent highlights for the team include advising the National Paediatric Hospital Development Board on the development of the National Paediatric hospital Project”

“Construction and Procurement Department Head, Bruno Herbots has experience in both construction and projects, having applied his ‘thorough, pragmatic and efficient work ethic’ to some of the country’s major PPP projects, particularly in the rail sector.”

“Top notch on construction and procurement matters.”

05 October 2023

The Quest for the Perfect Public Procurement System

How can you find the perfect procurement system for construction? Bruno shares his quest to avoid litigation in public procurement systems for construction in the Republic of Ireland.

In this keynote to CMG, Bruno Herbots looks at:

  • 0m 15s: Why the quest for perfect procurement is like King Arthur’s search for the Holy Grail
  • 2m 35s: The public procurement compass – how to avoid litigation
  • 8m 42s: How to deal with tenderers in public procurement.
  • 12m 56s: How should you act as a contracting authority? The ‘Wednesbury Unreasonable’ test.
  • 14m 45s: Why do you need to keep records when looking at procurement in construction?
  • 15m 35s: Can giving your reasons for choosing a tenderer help avoid a court case?
  • 20m 15s: The 30-day challenging period.
  • 22m 54s: Closing remarks.
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